Safety You Can Trust

Vision, Mission & Core Values


To provide the right safety, security and electrical services professionally and make sure that our clients  are in a position to handle any safety threat incidents at any given  time.


To achieve leadership position of the relevant and functional equipment, related to ISO (International Standard Organization), F.P.A (Fire Prevention Association)  and B.S.C(British Standard  Company).  


  • We attract, motivate and retain human resource with self drive and determination in all areas of our business.
  • We are committed to competitive, performance-based compensation benefits training and personnel
  • Growth based on equal career opportunity and merit.
  • We expect staff integrity, civility, openness, support for others and to the highest standards of achievement
  • We value innovation, employee involvement, and dynamic in operation, organization flexibility and personal ambition.
  • We recognize and value their benefits in the diversity of people, ideas, cultures and subject discipline.
  •  Continuous training of our staff through workshop, personalized training and regular seminar are offered.

University of Nairobi